Our goal is not to give you your best beach body in 6 weeks.
Our goal is to improve your life.  Seriously.


We are dedicated to teaching you to move again, and through movement discovering a freedom you haven’t felt in a long time–or never knew you had.

We are dedicated to the athlete buried inside of you.

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We are dedicated to reminding you that you were once an athlete that could move without pain.

We are dedicated to Strength and Power and Grace.

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We are dedicated to you being stronger than you think you are.


We are dedicated to doing hard things and to you facing your fears.

We are dedicated to you suffering next to us while we face ours.


We are dedicated to community of punishment, a fraternity of suffering, and the fellowship of success.


We are absolutely dedicated to FUN.


This is a college of movement, where you can get an incredible education.  Stop guessing about what to do to make yourself healthier.  Stop trying to find “Your Best Abs Now, in Four Easy Moves!”


Look like an athlete because you train like an athlete.