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Saturday 170624


A. Deadlift; working up in 15 min to a moderate single rep; 
10 reps @50




3-4-x 80% 


1-2 reps @90%

B. Partner WOD: 

Teams of 2. 

15 min AMRAP; 

Split up reps as needed; 1 person working at a time

100x Double Unders

75x SIt Ups

50x KB Swings

25x Burpee

Friday 170623


12 min Alt EMOM

A1. 1x Clean extension + 1x Hang Squat Clean, 

+ 1x Squat Clean; 

working up to a tough set of this complex. 
A2. Strict HSPU x6-8 reps, ADAP [as difficult as possible]

so scale them up or down as needed, but 

looking for STRICT strength, either concentric or eccentric 

sub down to seated DB Press or Seated Arnold Press

x10 reps


B. “Nasty Girls” [20 min cap]

3 Rounds for time; 

50x AirSquat

10x Hang Power Clean 135/95#

Thursday 170622


Alphabet Soup

In 30 min, complete AMRAP of the following

A. Run 200m

B. Sit Ups x15 [adv=V-Up]

C. Single arm DB Farmers Walk 100m heavy] 50m each]

D. Single Arm OH Walking Lunge x 6ea. [holding one DB/BB]

E. Back Extension x15 [supermans]

F. Row 150m
rest 90 sec active after each set

Order ABCDE, 





etc, etc. 

Wednesday 170621


Ax5. Overhead Squat x3 repsworking up to a tough set of 3 reps; 

one set every 2 min for 10 min 

B. “FootBall Gone Bad” 

3 rounds 1 min per station, 

rest 1 min after all 5 stations are complete
1. Thrusters (95#/65#)

2. Box Jumps (20″) 

3. Double-Unders

4. Push-ups

5. Row (For Calories)

rest 1 min – start at worst station

score is total reps.

Tuesday 170620


Ax5. 2x Power Clean + 2x Push Jerk; working up to a moderate set…
not for max…but prep CNS for B & 

make sure any technical issues/scaling is set. 

B. “Grace” 

30 reps for time; 

clean and jerk 

adv try 185/125# Grace, 


Double Grace [2014 CF Games]
run in 2 heats so everyone has a counter! 
C. Core work to finish; 

5-10 minutes; coaches choice

+ overhead mobility, etc. 

Monday 170618

Skill/warm up; work on kipping drills, or add in warm up

if necessary


working up

A1. Strict Pull Up, working up a tough single rep , rest 30

A2. Strict Ring Dip, working up to a tough single rep, rest 60 sec

sub slow eccentrics or ring row/push ups [higher reps]

for these

18 min AMRAP

400m Run

15x Pull Ups [adv = 7/5x Muscle Up, Ring or Bar]

20x Wall Ball (20/14#)

Saturday 170617


A. Deadlift; one set every 2:30 for 15 min10 reps @50




3-4-x 80% 

3-4 reps @85% of max

B. Teams of 2; 

15 min AMRAP; 

Run 100m alternating

40x Wall ball split up while 1 person holds plank

30x V-Up while one person holds Bottom of squat

20x Burpee while 1 person holds Hollow Rock

10x Single Arm DB Man Maker [no hold]

Friday 170616


A. 10 min alt EMOM

A1. 3 position Squat Clean;

high hang, below knee, floor
A2. Strict Handstand Push Ups x5

or Seated DB Press x8-10, working up
no kipping for these – building strength! 


B. 10 min work capacity Test 2.0; 

4 min Max Cal Row

3 min Max rep Pull Up [adv = MuscleUp]

2 min Squat Cleans 135/95#

1 min Shoulder to Overhead 135/95#

Thursday 170615


A. Turkish Get Up x30 reps total, smooth & controlled

B. One set every 3 min for 30 min [10 sets – consistent effort]

Run 200m + 

20x Unweighted Walking Lunges 

100’ odd ojbect carry [your choice]

rest remaining time

Wednesday 170614


Ax5; working upA1. Strict Pull Up, working up a tough set of 3 reps , rest 30

A2. Strict Ring Dip, working up to a tough set of 3 reps, rest 60 sec
sub slow eccentrics or ring row/push ups [higher reps]

for these


B. 5RFT; 

10x KB Swings 53/35#

10x KB Front Rack Lunge [5x each leg]

50x Double Unders