Thursday and Friday 100513-14

Man, if i could slap our logo on the end of this, you know I would.

Learn to run.  Learn to jump.  Learn to carry odd objects.  Learn how to operate with some anxiety and even a bit of fear.  Learn how to climb, hold your body weight and pull someone elses.

Buses off of babies people…You can do more than you think.


Row 300m

Rope progressions

Skill Work: Push Press/Push Jerk


(today’s WOD was the floater WOD in the SouthWest Regional CrossFit competition last week)

For Time:

20 Push Jerk

40 Burpees

Post Loads and Times to Comments

Wednesday 100512

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Run 400m

Kettle Swings 21/15/9

Pull-ups 21/15/9

Play/Skill: Pistol Rolls

Post Times and Loads (include scaling with bands, or jumping pulls, etc.)

Monday 100510

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Pullup Work


A: Three Rounds for Time

Thrusters 5

Situps 20

B:  Tabata Pushups

Play: Double Unders

Wednesday 100505

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Praying the same Prayer?

Sorry this wasn’t available to you faithful Posters last week.  Life got in the way.

Warm up:

Row 500m

Bear Crawl/Frog leap

Skill Work: Handstands/Handstand Pushups/Ring Pushups

Team WOD:

Each class is a team.  Each individual is responsible for the following work:

Bear Crawl– 2 lengths

Ring Pushups–10

Frog Leaps– 2 lengths

Push Press– 30 Reps

Row– 500m

Work can be done in any order you wish, and partitioned any way you want.  The clock stops when the last person finishes.

Monday 100503

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Maria Climbs the rope last friday night!! First Girl to do so in the new space.  Congratulations woman.



Turkish Get Ups

Pistol Rolls


10 Med Ball Squats

400m Run

10 DeadLifts

Friday 100430

Important Notice!  The Germain’s are going to Yosemite for mother’s day this weekend.  Thursday night 630pm Class and all Friday classes will be canceled. There will be a Thursday 6am class and 7am class available for those of you who can make it.  Make plans accordingly this week to get your workouts in.
If it makes you sad that CF310 will be closed on Friday, please refer to the picture below and feel better.  It works for me.

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7 Rounds for time:

7 Knees to Elbow

10 Kettle Swings

10 Walking Overhead Lunges (25lb/15lb)

Post Times and Loads to Comments…Do It!!!

Wednesday 100428

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Warm Up:

10 Pushups

15 Kettle Swings

10 Situps

10 Double Unders

10 Wall Balls

10 Pullups

10 Squats

Skill/Strength: Power Cleans


Power Cleans: 10/8/6/4/2

Wall Balls: 2/4/6/8/10

Post times and loads to Comments…Do it!!!

Monday 100426


Pullup Work

Strength/Skill: Thrusters

(Work to the heaviest set of unbroken you can do with good form)


Double Unders: 30/20/10

Kettle Swings: 30/20/10

Friday 100423

Ryan Box Jump 41.25″ from KrisFit on Vimeo.


CrossFit Rounds:

10 Pullups

10 Squats

10 Pushups

10 Situps

Group A:

Box Jumps/Ring Work

(work for max height on box jumps both Flat foot and with an approach).

Group B:

5 Rounds for time:

Kettle Squats

Run 200m

15 Situps

Post Times and Loads and Max height to comments.