Tuesday 100126

We started our CrossFit310 Women’s Bootcamp today at Valley Park and it was awesome.  There was a little bit of squating,  jump rope,  stair work, running, pushups, and a whole lot of fun.  You can still join.  Check it out.  9:30 Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

2 month commitment @ $125/month

We have also started a 6:00 am class on Tuesday and Thursdays.

6am Wod (same as last Friday’s classes):

10 Broad Jumps

21 Kettle Swings

24 Pushups

Post times and loads to Comments

Monday 100125


3 Rounds for time:

400 m run

8 Hangcleans

Awesome work everyone.

Post loads and times to comments.

Friday and Saturday 100122-23

Is this how a revolution starts?

6am and a new book?  It might be the beginning Liz’s revolution…

Keep your eye on this site to hear how it goes, and who’s coming with her.


(thank you CrossFit Hollywood for the WOD idea)

Broad Jumps 10

Kettle Swings 21

Pushups 24

Post loads and times to comments.

Wed and Thurs 100120-21

Sorry bout the issues with the Comments sections lately.  I had to fix something with the website.  Everything should be working fine now.

Ty, you are now able to post those 10 workouts you’ve been meaning to get to…

And now…


Valley Park 930am Boot Camp starts this Tuesday (Jan 26th).  Commit to something!  Bring a friend who’s been promising to start working out again.  Let’s do it together.

–Three days a week.  Eight week commitment.

–$10 a session.

–Fun.  Challenging.  Intense.  Satisfying.

No universal WOD today.  Post your individual workouts from class or your own session.

Monday and Tuesday 100118-19

CrossFit 310 Boot Camp starts next tuesday!!!

Ladies Only. Meeting in Valley Park (Hermosa Beach). Tues/Thurs/Sat at 930am.

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If you want a fun and challenging way to get going on those new years promises, this is it!!

If you can’t deal with the gym just yet, or just love the outdoor setting, this is for you!

If you want to supplement your regular gym workouts with some serious coaching and not just a rep counter, this is for you!


Sorry this took so long for me to Post today. Space Hunting!!!



Teams of Two.  Complete the following work, for time:

Box Jumps: 50

Pushups: 60

Pullups: 30

Squats: 100

Kettle Swings: 90

Burpees: 30

Post times and loads to Comments!!!

Wednesday and Thursday 100113-14

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Skill: Push Press


Three Rounds for Time:

Pull Ups: 10

Push Press: 10

Rest Exactly 5 Mins

Three Rounds for time:

Burpees: 10

Box Jumps: 10

Monday and Tuesday 100111-100112

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Rack Position (for those that don’t have it yet or if you still need conditioning)

OH Squats


“The Chief”

Max rounds in three minutes of:
135/95 lb. Power Cleans x 3 (scale as necessary)
Push-Ups x 6
Squats x 9
Rest one minute.  Repeat for a total of five cycles.

Wednesday and Thursday 100106-07

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Welcome back Tre.

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How we all felt Tawni.

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Welcome Lisa (far left)!  Mother of SIX!!  Super Hero already.



Three Rounds for time:

100ft Walking Lunge

30 Kettle Swings

30 Situps

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