Movement and Intentional Play

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Through the month of August classes will be drop-in status. $20 each class (multiple classes can be purchased up front). 

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**(we are a proud vendor for Inspire Charter School!)

Welcome to Intentional Play.

This class is aimed at kids 6-10 years old **, and is designed to awaken and develop crucial movement patterns that build to the highest level of human movement and sport.  We have developed a course, and a unique environment, that allows us to teach through the natural play kids crave. (**age range can be somewhat flexible based on development and maturity)

Develop movement patterns and coordination that every sport requires later in life.

Build foundational gymnastic strength by playing games and swinging on our ropes.

Learn to leap and land, and climb and crawl with intentional instruction and play.  Our classes are designed to relieve the pressure of pass or fail, but instead sets the stage for a low risk practice environment.  This is an environment of growth that accommodates beginning athletes as well as advanced movers.

There is no pre-requisite.  Your child does not need to know anything.  We set the stage for them to learn everything; and have a blast doing it.


This course is an introduction to:

  • Foundational footwork
  • Core stability
  • Foundational Gymnastics (control and strength of bodyweight movements)
  • Foundational Parkour principals and its language (Dynamic movement)

This is not a traditional CrossFit class.  There is no weight Lifting.  This course focuses on control and command of your body.

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Cost: $20 ($15 for each additional child in a family)

(We are a proud vendor for Inspire Charter School!)

Time: Thursday 330pm – 430pm

Start Date: The month of August 


CrossFit 310

811 N Catalina, Suite 200, Redondo Beach, 90277

For a Map to our place and info on parking, follow this link: