Saturday 171118

Partner WOD – Teams of 2

“The Contest”

One Set Every 2 Min
1 Person Rows 200m, 15 Cal Assault Bike or 200m Run as “Buy In”
Then Both Partners Perform Max Reps of a Movement with Remaining Time

Alternate Who Runs/Rows Each Time

  1. Tire Flips (P1)
  2. DBall Slams (P2)
  3. Rope Climbs/Rope Walk Down (P1)
  4. Ring Dips (P2)
  5. Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge (P1)
  6. Tire Flips (P2)
  7. DBall Slams (P1)
  8. Rope Climbs/Rope Walk Down (P2)
  9. Ring Dips (P1)
  10. Kettlebell Front Rack Lunge (P2)
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